International Adoption: Nigeria

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If an I-600A has already been approved, there is no additional fee to file the I-600. However, if parents are adopting two or more biologically unrelated children, there will be a $525.00 fee for the second child.

Required Documents for the I-600

Form I-600, Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative, 
Proof of the orphan’s age, 
A final decree of adoption, if the orphan has been adopted abroad, or proof of legal custody for purposes of emigration and adoption 
Proof of “orphan” status per definition above (ex. evidence of abandonment, written relinquishment, death certificates, etc.) 
Proof that the pre-adoption requirements, if any, of the state of the orphan’s proposed residence have been met, if the orphan is to be adopted in the United States. 
Proof that adopting parents have seen the child prior to or during adoption proceedings. 
Detailed information about filing these forms can be found on the U.S. CIS web site at .

U.S. citizens who have adopted or hope to adopt a child from a specific country should request, at the time they file these forms, that U.S. CIS notify the U.S. Embassy in the country as soon as I-600A is approved. Upon receipt of such notification, the Embassy in that country contacts the adopting parent(s) and provides additional instructions on immigration procedures. U.S. consular officers may not review an orphan adoption case until they have received formal notification of approval from a U.S. CIS office in the U.S.


An I-600 petition can be filed only if the petitioners (and all adult members of their household) have unexpired FBI fingerprint clearances. Though fingerprint are taken and checked by the FBI at the time prospective adopting parents file an I-600A, they are valid only for 15 months and must be re-done if the 15 months have expired. The validity period for the I-600A is 18 months and is not tied to the fingerprint checks. Thus, it is possible for adopting parents to have a valid I-600A and expired fingerprint checks at the same time.
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