Helping You Adopt Within Your Budget

And How We Combat Hidden Costs

As a prospective adoptive parent, you are likely researching various adoption agencies and professionals with one big question in mind: How much will this adoption cost, and will it fall within our budget?

A bit of advice: Do not choose an adoption professional simply because they quote you the lowest price. It is common for some adoption agencies to quote families the best-case scenario by not including the hidden fees that may dramatically increase the cost of the adoption or even your wait time.

American Adoptions remains upfront and honest with families about our estimated adoption costs, and we offer multiple solutions to combat any hidden costs, all of which help ensure that you adopt within your adoption budget.

What are Hidden Costs?

A hidden cost is any variable expense that increases based on the events of an adoption, yet is not accounted for in your adoption budget.

A hidden cost may occur in multiple ways, and all adoption professionals handle them differently:

1. Unexpected Adoption Event

What happens if the adoption agency is unable to get the birth mother on Medicaid? Or what happens if any other unexpected event brings the overall cost of the adoption well outside of your budget?

2. Adoption Disruption

What happens if the birth mother decides to parent her child? How does the adoption professional limit your financial disappointment from a disruption?

3. Cost of Living

What happens if the adoption occurs in a state where the cost of living is higher? Does the adoption professional account for these potential increased costs?

How Does American Adoptions Combat Hidden Costs?

When presented with an adoption opportunity by American Adoptions, an adoptive family will receive an accurate estimate of the cost of the adoption. Our agency prepares for any variances that can occur in any adoption, so that each of our families can confidently prepare their adoption budget. Here’s how:

1. Unexpected Adoption Event

When you register with American Adoptions, you will determine your maximum budget, which includes all of the variable expenses of the adoption: medical expenses, legal expenses, living expenses and more. You will be presented adoption situations that fall within or below your budget based on the total cost of the adoption.

Our agency takes every precaution possible to prepare for these unexpected events, including working with a third-party professional to get most birth mothers onto Medicaid to limit her medical expenses.

However, if one of those variable expenses unexpectedly increases and brings the cost of the adoption outside of your budget, you don’t have to move forward with that adoption opportunity, and we would then locate new adoptive families to present to the birth parents.

2. Adoption Disruption

In the event of a disruption, many other adoption professionals simply cannot refund the money that the adoptive family invested into the adoption. And if they do, it is often transferred to another adoption. But the problem with this is when is the next adoption opportunity going to come?

With American Adoptions, you don’t have to worry about losing any of the money you’ve invested because of our Risk-Sharing Program. If your adoption opportunity disrupts, our Risk-Sharing Program usually covers all of the lost funds, including all paid living expenses, prenatal care expenses and legal expenses on a non-contested adoption. The Risk-Sharing Program has covered 100 percent of the lost money in 98 percent of our disruptions since the program’s inception.

3. Cost of Living

Each state varies in legal procedures and costs of living expenses, Medicaid and health insurance. Because of these variations, our fee estimates have wider ranges than if we worked in only one state.

American Adoptions is a national adoption agency that has completed thousands of adoptions across all 50 states. We understand how cost of living can affect the overall cost of an adoption, we can accurately predict what those fees will be, and we include those in your estimated adoption budget.


American Adoptions is fully transparent with our average costs of adopting. We don’t hide any of our fees because we want to make sure that you make the best decision for your family, and whether adoption is financially possible for you at this time.

And if you are ready to learn more about adopting with American Adoptions or our adoption costs, please call 1-800-ADOPTION, click the following to request free adoption information, or click here to join American Adoptions.

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