Adoptee Testimonials

Adoptee testimonials tell of children, who grew up knowing how many people loved, cared and wanted the best for them. Adopted children often wonder what their birth parents are like, as well. The following stories include searches for and reunions with birth families. You'll also find the adoption stories of American Adoptions' founder Scott Mars and Jennifer Van Gundy, Director of Social Work.

Amy's Adoption & Reunion Story

I was adopted at 3 months old. I was born at 26wks-a complete shock to my birth mother who was 16 at the time and knew that I was not to be born yet. She choose to place me for adoptoin as she had no intention of marrying my birth father, and raising me alone proved too daunting a task. ...

Rachel's Adoption Story

I was adopted when I was 3 days old. I know that my birth parents loved me, and I also know that they did have a choice about giving me up. I know they did what was best for me, and for that, I love them. ...

John Michael DeFrank's Adoptee Story

I would like to dedicate this to my parents; all four of them.

Scott's Story (Scott is the President of the Board)

Scott's Story (Scott is the President of the Board)

Jennifer's Story (Jennifer is an Adoption Specialist)

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LaTasha's Adoption Story

I am currently 18 yrs old and adopted at the age of 3. My previous foster mother is my current grandmother. I have been in her home since I was 7 mths old. ...

Sandi's Adoption Story

For those of you that didn't know about my week I was a guest on the Dr. Phil last Tuesday. I was asked to come on the show and share my adoption story and talk to 2 girls that are thinking of placing their babies for adoption. ...

Jackie's Adoption Story

I was adopted years ago in the middle of winter 1980. A couple days before, my mom was out roller skating with her high school students when my dad received a phone call at home that a baby was waiting for them and they were going to be parents. They immediately drove a few hours to pick me up, even though they were not prepared- not a crib, a car seat, or anything. ...

Sheila's Adoption Story

In 1974, my brother and I were adopted by a couple who were unable to have children biologically. In 1994, I met my birth family (other than my brother) for the first time. It was exciting.
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