American Adoptions DirectorEarlier this week, American Adoptions Executive Director Shawn Kane spoke with Tim Elder of Infant Adoption Guide. Over the podcast interview, Shawn shared his personal experience as an adoptive father to daughter Claire, the challenges he faced by not working with American Adoptions for his adoption (a decision he made to avoid professional and personal conflict with the agency) and what open adoption means to his family and to American Adoptions.

Shawn and Tim also talked about what makes American Adoptions different from other adoption professionals, especially the variety of counseling options available for birth parents and the ability for adoptive families to set an adoption budget and receive protection from adoption disruptions through our limited-risk program. They also discussed the benefits of adoptive family video profiles and the way American Adoptions has seen video profiles help a birth mother feel sure of her choice of family.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Infant Adoption Guide was founded by Tim Elder, a two-time adoptive father himself. He says the mission of the adoption information site is to help families focused on domestic infant adoption to adopt faster, at less of a cost and with less risk. You can learn more by visiting his site!

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