National Adoption Day (tomorrow!) is the largest Gotcha Day for adoption across the country! Since its founding in 2000, more than 35,000 children (particularly those in foster care) have had their adoptions finalized on National Adoption Day.

But for American Adoptions families, a Gotcha Day – a day when a couple brings an adopted child into their family – can happen throughout the year! While some families don’t like the term “Gotcha Day” or worry that such a celebration might make their child feel different from other children, other families love having a special day to recognize the blessing that adoption is in their lives.

For Your First Gotcha Day

As we discussed in our post When to Tell People About Your Adoption, many adoptive couples find it easiest to hold a baby shower after the baby is born and home with them. This way, you can host a baby shower and Gotcha Day party together with your family and friends. You’ll also be able to purchase or request gift items with your son or daughter specifically in mind.

Adoption registries, like the Gotcha Gift Registry, can be a good way to get items you need before or after you bring baby home. This site helps you to create a registry for everything from your home study or travel expenses to nursery items. Family members and friends can help you get the essentials or pay for a portion of your adoption fees.

For Future Gotcha Days

As your child gets older, Gotcha Days can be a good time to reflect on your adoption experiences.

  • Have a conversation as a family about adoption and share your adoption story together.
  • Read an adoption book, listen to an adoption song, or watch an adoption movie.
  • Do something special for or in honor of your child’s birth mother.
  • Prepare a special meal.

How do you celebrate your child’s Gotcha Day?