Social media has become an important part of sharing any message. As Social Media Week comes to a close, we’re sharing all the ways you can connect with American Adoptions through social media. Doing so is a benefit to our waiting adoptive families as well as to adoption in general. Every time you or someone else writes or shares something about adoption, others take notice!

Here are some of the ways you can use social media to promote adoption and American Adoptions: 

  • Follow American Adoptions on Vine at @Adoptions. 
  • Write a post about adoption for your own blog or website! And be sure to link back to our blog or website – you can even include a link to your online profile or video profile – so that birth mothers and other adoptive families can find us!
  • Update your status. And mention American Adoptions.
  • Retweet an American Adoptions tweet. Or include us in a tweet. We love getting shout-outs!