Huge technological advancements in at-home pregnancy detection will be reaching our drug store shelves this fall. Proctor & Gamble is going to introduce a new Clearblue home pregnancy test that will not only tell a woman if she’s pregnant but also how far along she is in her pregnancy.

As many of the women who come us to make an adoption plan are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s often difficult for them to pin down exactly when the pregnancy conception took place. And occasionally, adoptive couples who have chosen to pursue adoption will find themselves pregnant and have the same conundrum.

These home pregnancy tests, which have been sold in Europe for years while seeking approval from the U.S. FDA, will help both groups of women make a more educated guess about their pregnancy while they try to make an appointment with their doctor for a blood test. P&G says the test is more than 90 percent accurate at predicting pregnancy and at guessing how many weeks based on time since ovulation.

You can read more in USA Today‘s article New test to estimate weeks of pregnancy.