Send Us your Tax Forms

All families currently working with American Adoptions and waiting for an adoption placement are reminded to send us the front page of their 1040 Tax Form for 2014. We need this updated information each year. For more information, contact our home study department ( at 1-800-ADOPTION.

Don’t Forget to Add Updates to Your 2015 Calendar

When going through and marking birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates on your 2015 calendar, don’t forget to add a reminder to update your home study and supporting documents, as well.

American Adoptions requires home studies to be current within one calendar year. Although our agency will alert you when your home study is approaching expiration via email reminders, home study updates are the responsibility of the adoptive family.

Families are also required to update their home study whenever there is a major life change – such as a change in employment, residence or household members.

Home study updates are the responsibility of the adoptive family, so each family should carefully note when their home study is to expire. The importance of updates cannot be understated. If an expectant mother chooses you, but your home study or other supporting information is out-of-date, it can seriously compromise or even prevent you from completing the adoption.

In addition to your home study update, there are three supporting documents which require yearly renewal:

  • Background Clearances- Your background clearances, such as your child abuse, FBI and criminal clearance must be updated annually.
  • Physician Health Reports- Like background clearances, your physician health reports also must be updated annually.
  • Tax Return- A copy of your tax return must be updated each year.

If you do not know when your home study or supporting documents will expire, simply contact our agency, and we will be happy to assist you.