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3 Ways for Birth Parents to Cope Around the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult for parents who have placed a child for adoption, but these tips can help you cope with these complicated emotions.


Changed Lives: A Birth Grandmother’s Open Adoption Story

First she was an adoptive mother through a closed adoption, then a birth grandmother in an open adoption. One woman tells her story of faith, fate, and of being on two sides of the adoption triad.


Siblings and Adoption: What it Means to Your Child

Sibling relationships play an important role in a child’s life. Adoption adds a different dynamic. These tips can help birth and adoptive parents talk with their child about biological siblings, half siblings, and siblings they aren’t genetically related to.


In Moving Letter, Birth Mother Shares Her Love with Her Son

One birth mother writes a letter to her son, four years after his adoption, telling him what she wants him to know about her decision to place him for adoption.


Birth Grandparents and Adoption

Adoption is not where you and your grandchild’s story ends; it’s only the beginning with an open adoption!


7 DIY Gifts from Kids to Birth Family

A homemade gift sent from your child to their birth family can be a wonderful reminder they’re always a special part of your family. Try these 7 fun kid-friendly crafts!

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