By Kelley, adoptive mother

In 2011, Kelley and Matt adopted their daughter, Emma, through American Adoptions, now their family has grown to four with the addition of their biological son, Luke. Kelley has shared with us the amazing bond that these two siblings have with each other. Though they may not be connected through biology they share a bond that is beyond explanation. 

ATT_1428604983218_image-2Two different beginnings. Two different sets of genes.  One amazing bond.

Emma made her debut in Galveston, Texas on a brutally hot August day. My husband Matt and I met our beautiful daughter two days later and it was love at first sight- a heart wrenching unconditional love that we had waited for for what seemed like an eternity.  Renee, Emma’s birth mom was a beautiful, strong and selfless woman.  Our hearts ached for her and yet we couldn’t have possibly felt more grateful to her for her selfless decision in choosing Matt and I to be Emma’s parents. Nay Nay, as Emma calls her, will forever hold a piece of our hearts and as Emma so innocently tells us “you ‘dopted me and I ‘dopted you”.

Sweet Luke arrived in your more typical fashion, as our biological child, on a cold November day a mere three hours before my own birthday. He was a beautiful baby and we couldn’t have been happier to meet him and hold our sweet baby in our arms after a long and difficult pregnancy.

An adopted child and a biological child, each an amazing miracle and gift to our family.  “I grew in  Nay Nay’s tummy and Luke grew in your tummy,” as Emma puts it very straightforwardly.  Each with their own unique story and beginning to life.

The sibling bond was amazing from the start… No genetic connection and yet a bond like no other.  Right from the beginning Luke only had eyes for his big sister. As he grew no one could make him smile and laugh the way Emma could.  And Emma had patience for a colicky baby like nobody’s business. One particularly difficult, tearful and endless day with a screaming baby,  Emma (my wise-beyond-her-years little one) comforted me by saying “it’s ok mom-mom he’s only a baby and babies cry a lot, you know.”

An innocent, unconditional love for each other that I hope lasts a lifetime. They have a deep understanding of each other that one could not possibly expect from a 3 1/2 year old and a 7 month old. And yet it does.

Luke’s first word was “Emma”. Granted it’s an easy name to say and sounds a bit like “mama,” but nonetheless it was his first word. He watches her every move like a hawk and is her number one fan out there. He looks for her attention even more so than from Matt and myself and delights in it when he gets it. When we go to pick Emma up at school she runs right to Luke and he all but leaps out of my arms to snuggle her.

I can only hope their bond continues to grow, they will always love and support each other and that they will always have each other’s backs through each chapter of their lives.

Two different beginnings. Two different sets of genes. One beautiful bond. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to watch, much like watching all the beautifully unique flowers in the flowerbed grow and bloom.