Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We believe we have the best of both worlds when it comes to where we live. We can quickly access Washington DC and we also live near beautiful nature which includes running, biking and hiking trails and a scenic river. The public schools in our area are some of the best in the nation.

We love our neighborhood! It is great for families and we have wonderful neighbors. Just recently, we had four families from the neighborhood over with their young children to celebrate our son’s birthday. Every year the neighborhood has a spectacular Halloween parade with a fire truck to kick it off.

We have many playgrounds we can walk to. We now know many of the other parents and children who frequent them. In addition, we recently joined a country club that is very close to our house and we are so excited to become involved in all the activities it has to offer.

Our house was totally renovated in 2013 just before we moved into it. It has four bedrooms, an upstairs office area, the main floor and walk out basement/family room area. Our favorite room is the sun room. It is bright and sunny with a beautiful view of our yard. Our son plays in this room a lot. We have a nice sized backyard. When it snows, we can do some sledding in our yard and we also have a basketball hoop!

Our Extended Families
Together with Family

We both come from big, fun, loving families. We recently went to Reza’s mother’s home for a Norwuz celebration, which is a celebration of the Persian New Year (always on the first day of spring). His mother cooked a wonderful meal and his sister, her husband and her two children were there. We all live within 2-3 miles of each other. We had a fantastic time eating delicious Persian food and talking, laughing while the children ran around together.

Reza’s father and his father’s brother and sister and their families also live nearby in Maryland. They travel for the winter to Florida but when they are in town we get together for meals, pool parties and hiking trips.

This year for Easter, Bridget's family came to visit us from New York and New Jersey. Her brother, his wife and three children as well as Bridget’s parents all came for a fun weekend of sight seeing in Washington DC, going to church and having Easter Egg hunts. Bridget’s other two brothers and their children live in New York and New Jersey and one of them lives in Arizona. The entire family tries to get together for Thanksgiving every year in New York. There are also visits throughout the year for different occasions such as first communions, summer fun or just because!

All together, our son Ryan has 14 first cousins and many second cousins all around the country. We love traveling to see family and having family visit us, it is a very important part of our life.

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