Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our house was designed by David because of his ability to imagine the rooms from a drawing. We lovingly watched every brick and joist be placed to create our home. There are four bedrooms, a family room, living room, den and movie room giving plenty of space for your child to play! There is also a covered deck for outside relaxing and entertaining where we have enjoyed many summer evenings relaxing and watching movies. Our level back yard is perfect for playing catch, soccer, catching lightening bugs and star-gazing.

Our House Decorated For Christmas

The neighborhood is in a golf course community with many children to play with. There is a large outdoor pool at our Country Club within walking distance and since David is such a great swimmer and former lifeguard, he looks forward to teaching your child to swim like a fish! We have a walking trail entrance less than a mile away where we will walk and ride bikes with your child. In our neighborhood, there is a great sense of community and helping one another, so we know it will be a great place to raise your child.

In our surrounding area, we are very active. We love to attend professional and college sporting events such as football, hockey and baseball. There are also renowned museums, great amusement parks, ski resorts and a zoo/aquarium where we look forward to spending time with our family.

Our Extended Families
Headed to a Wedding with Susan's Mom and Brother

David has a brother and sister-in-law whom we regularly visit within our hometown. Our niece and nephew are so much fun to watch at birthday parties and holiday events -- particularly when opening presents! David's Mom and Dad live close and we often see them for dinner or family events. Every year, we take a trip to Florida with his parents and we are so excited to have your child join us on these trips – we would love to experience Disney World through your child’s eyes!

David with his Family at His Parents' 50th Anniversary Party

Susan has a brother and sister-in-law whom we regularly visit in Alabama. When we see them we love to just relax by seeing a movie or making a nice meal together. Susan has a very close relationship with her brother so they are always in touch – he even taught her some golf tips that she uses to improve her game! Susan's mom lives close by and Susan loves to spend time every weekend gardening or shopping with her. Susan's mom is thrilled to embrace and grandchild and will teach them all of her excellent gardening tips!

We also have a set of very close friends who have supported us to fulfill our lifelong dream of having a child. We have known them for a very long time and they are can't wait to help us welcome your child!

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