Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Once upon a time, when we first met
We had a small house, but you can bet
We saved a long time, for our castle to get.
Now that we have it, we're all set.

Now we live in a big, airy home
With light and big windows all around.
A little creek runs through our back yard.
And so, relaxing there isn't hard.

Our Big Backyard

Our yard is big, with a garden in it.
The deck is a good place to rest for a bit.
We have a swingset and sandbox for playing outside.
And a driveway for bikes and learning to ride.

We live just outside of a mid-sized town.
There are birds, deer, and bunnies all around.
Yet we're also close to parks and fun.
Last summer, each week, we went to a different one.

Our neighborhood is friendly and very safe.
The people here make it a really nice place.
Some neighbors raise chickens and one has goats.
Some are young and some retired--all really nice folks!

Our Extended Families
At the Zoo With Vera's Family

Our extended family is supportive of us.
We love each other deeply, without extra fuss.
We always spent time with both sides of our clan.
For holidays and birthdays, that's always the plan.

Vera's mother lives close -- 15 minutes by car.
So a visit to Grandma is never too far.
She loves to read stories to Isaac and play.
Having a new grandchild, would just make her day.

Vera's father died at age 97.
We miss him so much, but we know he's in heaven.
He got to know Isaac, for a very short while.
He held his tiny had and made everyone smile.

Proud Uncle Chris

Chris' parents are here, in the same town as us.
So it's not far to see them, by car or by bus.
Chris' mother is active and does not sit still.
She loves her grandchildren, and there's room for more still.

Chris' father is funny, and makes silly jokes.
But he's also the best at helping other folks.
Chris has a brother, his wife and three kids.
They keep things exciting, and that is no fib.

Vera's brother, his wife, and both of their teens
Live further away, so that simply means
That they travel to see us whenever they can.
They really love Isaac. They're his biggest fans.

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