Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our home is located on ten, peaceful acres in a suburb of Anchorage. We worked together to build our house and have loved adding all the finishing touches to make it our home. There are mountain views from our living room windows, where we can enjoy watching beautiful sunsets and amazing northern lights. We have a long, winding driveway, a big yard with a swing set and we are working on building a hockey rink. There are often families at our house and there is plenty of space for many activities. We also love to grow a garden each summer and eat the delicious produce that grows from it. Our home is close to many excellent schools, lakes, parks and hiking trails. There are also several indoor pools and recreational centers that we can enjoy year round. The Alaska State Fair is a few miles from our house and we look forward to it each summer. There are also a few parades nearby that we enjoy watching each year. We love where we live and feel it is a great place to raise a family.

Our Extended Families
Kelly's Family

We come from very close, loving and supportive families. We live near several of Kelly’s siblings in Alaska and spending quality time with them is a priority. Getting together with Kelly’s family is typically loud and adventurous. They talk all at once, are laughing and full of energy! They often play games together and love friendly competition such as arm wrestling, racing and seeing who can do the most push-ups. Kevin’s family is quieter in nature but they all have a great sense of humor! They love to tease each other and are always up to some sort of funny jokes. They also love to play the piano and sing together as a family. Our family gatherings often consist of hiking, fishing, barbecues, and bonfires.

Kevin's Family

We love to travel, often joining parents and siblings in the different states they live in: Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, and even vacationing in Hawaii. These trips have a special place in our hearts and have kept our relationships close. Each year we celebrate the holidays with our families. We have always enjoyed sharing holiday traditions with our extended families, but now feel even more blessed to add new traditions and experience the delight of the seasons through our son’s eyes. We are so excited to have the opportunity to add another child into this wonderful family!

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