Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Being in the Navy means that we often get to live by the seashore. After living in on the island of Okinawa, Japan for three years, we are now enjoying southern California. It is great to be closer to family and friends while living in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

We live in a newer suburb that was built for families with all conveniences and great schools close by. There are always friends out and about to play with when we visit neighborhood parks, pools or the Tuesday Farmer’s market. We are next to the mountains and a lake, yet only 35 minutes from the beach. We chose this community because of the family atmosphere, for its racial and ethnic diversity and great schools. Julian attends bilingual preschool where he is learning Spanish and English. This area is known as the “city of parks.” We are walking distance to several amazing kids’ playgrounds, Olympic-sized pools, a splash pad, basketball courts and soccer and baseball fields. It’s a great place to live an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Our home has 3 bedrooms and an open play area upstairs. Our downstairs has a living room, dining room and the heart of our home is the large eat in kitchen and family room. Our backyard is fully fenced with grass and a large patio (great for playing ball or drawing chalk tracks for hot wheels and bike riding).

Our Extended Families
Lexie's Family

Spending time with family is important to us.

Lexie grew up in Pennsylvania in a family that loves to play every kind of sport. She is the oldest, with two younger brothers. Her parents have been married for 45+ years. When we get together we always play sports together: tee ball, basketball, swimming or a very competitive annual beanbag toss tournament! We visit amusement parks and play card games that Lexie’s Gran teaches us.

A Visit With Chris' Parents

Chris grew up in Arizona in a very close, fun-loving family with two brothers, a half-sister and over 20 cousins who lived nearby in Arizona and Mexico. His parents have been married for 35+ years. Chris’ mom is from Mexico. He was raised in a bilingual home (and went to bilingual school). When we get together, we love to cook traditional Mexican dishes like albondegas, chilaquiles, posole and tamales.

We visit our home towns each year to see our family and our parents and siblings come to stay with us at least once or twice a year. Everyone on both sides of our family is very supportive of our open adoption plan and they are overjoyed at the thought of welcoming another child into our lives.

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