Our Extended Families
With Andy's Parents

Gillian grew up in a small town in Ireland and was part of a very large extended family. Her immediate family is small; she is the oldest of three children and has a teenage nephew. Both of her parents come from large families and most of them lived in the area, so much of her childhood was spent hanging out with cousins. Living in the States makes her miss that part of life but over time she’s become used to being away from them and nowadays is much easier stay in touch through phone calls, emails, texts and video calls. We visit Gillian’s family in Ireland at least once a year and are so looking forward to our first trip with a little one!

Gillian with Her Parents and Siblings

Andy's family is much larger he is the second oldest of six kids and he has 11 nieces and nephews ranging in age from infants to 23 years old. Most of our Christmases are spent with Andy's family and it's a big family get together! Andy's Mom has many little Christmas traditions that she has carried down through the years. The whole family - all 37 of us - has Christmas dinner together and it is quite impressive preparing large of a meal! We consider ourselves very blessed to be part of two great loving families who care about us and support us in our decision to adopt. Everyone is excited to welcome this child into our family!

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a modest house in a beautiful neighborhood in the suburbs. Our house has two bedrooms and two living areas that will provide plenty of space for a child. We have a very large yard with a vegetable garden where our dogs love to run around and chase squirrels. Our neighborhood is very green in summer with many beautiful gardens with flowers blooming and many large trees. We just love the summers here, walking in the park watching all the families out playing games, having picnics or out on the lake in paddle boats. We envision ourselves joining these families with our own child one day!

Our neighborhood is geared towards raising children and there are many families with young children in the area. We have parks with play areas within walking distance, also an outdoor pool and ice rink. We are members of the YMCA which has many family activities and groups and classes for children of all ages including swimming, gymnastics, dance, basketball and soccer. We look forward to seeing which activities this child will be interested in!

We also have a park district that sends out brochures every season with all the different activities and classes available for kids and families in the area. We are excited about having a child which we can share all the amenities we have available to us, we love the outdoors and so look forward to sharing all this with a child.

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