Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We love living in north Texas! Our town is near several lakes which we often spend time on. The immediate area has large, country lots full of parks and fields that hold activities such as hot air balloon festivals, farm life festivals, airshows and outdoor children movies. We frequent the local farmers market on Saturdays to get fresh fruits and veggies. Our neighborhood has several ponds, walking trails, a community pool and is walking distance to a YMCA where kid sporting events such as soccer and baseball are played.

Our modern home is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath newer ranch style house located on a quiet street. We have a large, fenced in backyard that has plenty of room for a jungle gym set or tree house. Josh spends most of his free time here playing fetch with our three dogs, Deuce a Puggle, Boomer a Doxie-Pin, and Dakota a Boxer.

Nearby are two elementary schools and an intermediate school. We are friends with the neighbors and most on our street have young children. A short drive away are the advantages that Dallas/Fort Worth has to offer in its zoos, museums, adventure parks and botanical gardens that Betty volunteers at. The gardens present kid friendly, learning games and activities.

Our Extended Families
Family Volleyball Game

We come from large, close-knit extended families. Josh has four sisters and seven nieces/nephews ranging in ages from one to eighteen years old. Betty is the oldest of three children and is aunt to two nephews and one niece, ages one to three. Our nephews and nieces are incredibly excited to have another cousin to grow up with! With both our parents still living, all four of them are eager to be present in the life of their newest grandchild, sharing love and wisdom that only grandparents can. Josh's family lives nearby in the north Texas/Oklahoma area. Betty's family lives in New Jersey but frequently fly to Texas or vice versa to spend time together at least fives times per year. Some of the fun activities we enjoy as a family include barbecues, backyard volleyball games, animal/farm life festivals, visiting the lake/beach and attending local parades. We typically spend holidays with both sides of our families. Family time is extremely important to us and we love to travel so it is norm for us to hop in the car or take a plane spur of moment for a family event. Our families are supportive and cannot wait to create memories and spoil this child.

Our Nieces & Nephews

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