Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We reside in the suburbs near a metropolitan city in Missouri. We own a ranch-style home that features three bedrooms and a finished basement. We are fortunate to live just a neighborhood away from several of Kim's extended family members.

Our neighborhood is diverse and is within walking distance to the elementary school. We can view the school's playground and community garden from our front yard. However the backyard is our favorite part of our home. It has big trees and is fenced-in so our two dogs and future children can safely play. We also have a covered patio in the back. That’s where we barbecue, sit near the fire pit, or just relax.

Our town hosts festivals, farmers' markets, and church/school picnics, which the local kids really seem to enjoy. We are lucky enough to be within 30 minutes of many attractions including the Science Center, Art Museum, Butterfly House, and professional sports venues. There are multiple concert venues, theaters, parks, and pools by us too. We have a nationally renowned zoo and have friends who live on a lake where we go swimming and fishing.

Since we live in the Midwest, there will be ample opportunity for your child to enjoy the activities that come with the seasons. Whether it's boating in the summer, picking pumpkins in the fall, doing outside Easter egg hunts in the spring, or building snowmen during the winter, your child will get to experience it all.

Our Extended Families
Dinner with Family

We are blessed to have our families live nearby. Kim’s family is enormous as her dad is one of five kids and her mom is also one of five kids, so she has aunts, uncles, and cousins galore. She also has one younger sister. Luke’s family is smaller with his dad being the oldest of four and his mom having one younger brother. Luke also has a younger sister.

Family Gathering

Luke’s sister has been married for four years. She was paralyzed in an accident over a decade ago but lives independently and works helping veterans find jobs. Her husband is quadriplegic (from a separate accident) and is a veteran himself. Kim’s sister helps integrate international students into college life and has been married for a year. They have been immensely supportive during our fertility struggles and throughout the adoption process.

All of our family is incredibly excited to welcome a child into the family, especially since this will be the first grandbaby for either side. This child will have no shortage of people who love them!

While we spend every major holiday with one side of the family or another (and occasionally both), we have also made our own traditions. Some of our favorite traditions are going out for a sushi dinner on New Year’s Day, doing a white elephant Christmas exchange, and going to the pumpkin patch every Halloween. Each family member, including the dogs, gets a pumpkin which we carve.

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