Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We love our home and neighborhood so much!

Our basement is the hub of the house; this is where the three of us spend a lot of time and it’s a perfect place for Amelia and our future child to enjoy all of their toys, art supplies and movies. The walls are covered with Amelia's drawings and paintings and it has lots of kid-sized furniture. There are a lot of tea parties and artwork that happen in the play room “fort!" When we’re not inside we have plenty of outdoor area to play in – our big back yard is a great place to play, for all of us, and we have several parks nearby if we want to get out a little more.

When getting out we rarely need to leave the neighborhood as there are so many kids and families up and down the street. There are always children riding bikes and scooters all around, and the neighbors really band together to do fun things like back yard camping and outdoor movie nights. Additionally, the schools in our neighborhood are fantastic with the middle and high schools in walking distance. It’s really a great place for families and we couldn’t be happier to raise our family here.

Our Extended Families
Learning to Golf with Poppy

We are lucky to be from small and very close families and have friends who are like family. Our days and weekends are filled with visits, movie trips and going to parks and museums around the city.

Scott’s mom lives just outside of Chicago. If she could do nothing for the rest of her days but spend time with her family, she would be the happiest woman alive! Scott’s brother has a very fun family when we get together there are dance parties, loads of laughter and great stories being told.

Fun with Grandma

Alie’s family is a little more spread out but that doesn’t stop her and her sister from talking every day and the kids from Skyping each other. Her dad and stepmom live part of the year very close to us. We all get together as often as possible. Mimi and Poppy are so excited to be grandparents again. Another little one to teach to swim, play tennis and for Mimi to practice yoga with!

Our families believe that all children are a gift. Everyone is so supportive of us and can’t wait for another child to love!

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