Our House and Neighborhood
Our Neighborhood Park Shows Wimbledon, Horse Races & Family Movies in the Summer

We live in London, one of the world’s most exciting, historical, and multicultural cities. We love all of the parks, castles, and museums, and traveling to continental Europe is so easy. Because there are so many young families here in our new neighborhood, the community plans all kinds of family events—like the ice skating rink and gingerbread cookie decorating contests in the winter, and children’s treasure hunts and family movies in the park in the summer.

Our riverside apartment is in a gated community. We have beautiful gardens with lots of grass and trees and flowers, where kids and pets play, as well as a fitness center and indoor swimming pool. Our home is quite spacious by London standards, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Plenty of room for a child!

There are lots of things we really love about our home. First, we have a fantastic view of the Thames River, all the boats, and the downtown skyline. Second, the walkability of our neighborhood cannot be beat, especially inside the nearby shopping mall where all the moms meet up with their baby strollers. But the best thing is we are very close to Chris’s work. He has only a 10-minute walk to his office, which means more free time for fun and family!

Our Extended Families
Cheesy Family Photos at Christmas

Although we live in London, geography does not stop us from seeing the most important people in our lives. We have big families, and we are all very close. We visit the US several times a year, our families come to see us, too, and we Skype a lot!

Chris & Niece Jenna

We frequently choose vacation spots for our family holiday celebrations. We spent Christmas at Disney World with Chris’s entire extended family to celebrate his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Angela’s family likes to have Thanksgiving adventures. One year we had crab legs on the beach for Thanksgiving dinner; the next year we had a turkey dinner at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. We also love Cedar Point, an amusement park on Lake Erie. We went every summer as kids, loving the roller coasters, games, and junk food! Now we go as often as we can with our families.

When we’re just hanging out with family in our hometowns, we still have a ton of fun, especially with our 19 nieces and nephews. Whether it’s playing board games or cheering at sporting events, going to the movies or to the theater, snow tubing in the winter or cooking out by the pool in the summer, our family gatherings are playful, lively, and loud. Our families can’t wait for us to add another child to the fun!

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