Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We love Ohio and enjoy the beauty the four seasons have to offer. Just a short drive away are national parks, zoos, children’s museums, theme parks, and an aquarium… all waiting to be explored through a child’s eyes.

When we moved here, we chose a family-friendly, safe neighborhood with top-rated schools so we could raise a little one. It is full of families with children of all ages – a sight to see on Halloween when the houses are decorated and the streets are filled with hundreds of kids in costumes! There is always something to do in the area - just around the corner is an Easter egg hunt, an annual city festival, a weekly farmers market, and family movie nights at the community center. We love the nearby parks, hiking and biking paths, and enjoy walking to our favorite ice cream shop. We look forward to the day we can do all these things with a stroller and diaper bag in hand.

We chose our home with a child in mind. Its four-bedroom, open floor plan makes it feel nice and cozy. On cool nights the basement is ready for family movie and game nights. On warmer days the large fenced-in back yard is perfect for enjoying a meal or just hanging out with friends. It’s a great place to run around and there is already a spot picked out for the swing set! This is truly a great place to live and raise a family.

Our Extended Families
Spending Time with Our Niece

We both grew up in sunny Florida, where Rich spent his summers playing on the beach with his younger brother and older sister, and K.C. grew up playing with her two younger brothers. We moved away when Rich joined the Air Force, but visit our families often, especially during the holidays. Since Thanksgiving is K.C.’s favorite holiday, we visit her parents’ home where both our families gather to eat her mom’s amazing cooking. Throughout the day, we help with the cooking, but mainly do it to sneak a taste every once in a while. By dinnertime, the house is packed with old friends, siblings and our nieces and a nephew. It’s always a great time, full of laughter as we relive childhood memories, play games and watch the kids play together. Our family is very excited to take this adoption journey with us and our nieces and nephew cannot wait to meet their new cousin!

Thanksgiving with Family

Being in the Air Force, our family has grown to include the friends and neighbors we met along with way. Our friend in Hawaii is waiting to make her famous pecan pie, while our English friends cannot wait to spoil our baby when we visit them in England. We see our local friends and their families on a regular basis at church or throughout the week for get-togethers. Our friends’ children cannot wait to have a new playmate!

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