Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our home is a charming ranch with both the character of an older home and the updates to make it modern and efficient. It has bright rooms, hardwood floors throughout, and a cozy fireplace. We have a lovely backyard with both covered and open patios, and every summer we plant flowers and a vegetable garden.

Our block is made up of established families and young families just starting out. We spend a lot of time outdoors with the neighborhood children: drawing with chalk, playing games, riding bikes and scooters, digging in the sandbox, and greeting our neighbors as they walk by. We have become the house where everyone comes to play!

We live in a quiet neighborhood in an older suburb of a large metropolitan city. This suburb is sought after because it is convenient to all of the “big city” amenities, yet still safe, inviting, and family-friendly with a highly-rated school system. We are within walking distance of two parks (with playgrounds, ball fields, and tennis courts), multiple schools, and a community center with a large outdoor aquatic center, indoor ice rink, outdoor roller-hockey rink, and fitness center.

Every 4th of July, our city hosts Community Days which include a parade, barbecue, fireworks, and carnival with rides, games, and outdoor bands. This is not only a community tradition, it has also become one of ours: we walk down to watch the parade in the morning, visit the carnival for a few hours, and then return that night to see the fireworks.

Our Extended Families
Fritz's Family

Our entire family is incredibly excited and enthusiastic about our plans to adopt again. They are extremely supportive and looking forward to the arrival of a new child to shower with love and affection.

Fritz and his three younger brothers were raised in a rough-and-tumble all-boy household, with constant fun and activity. They shared many first experiences together including swimming and tennis lessons, skiing, and playing musical instruments. During their annual road trips, they crammed together in a station wagon and drove around the country visiting relatives, exploring national parks, bodysurfing in the ocean, and touring historical landmarks.

Paula's Family

Paula grew up as a middle child in a large traditional family with three brothers and two sisters. Every night, the family gathered together at dinnertime to discuss the day’s events. Both of Paula’s parents are excellent cooks, and since her father is Italian, there was always a great amount of food, too!

Fortunately, some of our siblings and their families live only 10 minutes away (including eight nieces and nephews!), so we see them frequently and are an active part in each others’ lives. Our two boys love to spend time with their cousins. We enjoy picnicking, swimming, playing at the park, and visiting the zoo, museums, and outdoor theater. We also cheer each other on at numerous games, concerts, and programs, and we celebrate birthdays and holidays together.

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