Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a friendly neighborhood filled with families and children. Parents walk their kids to the elementary school around the corner, and we hear bellowing cheers as families support their teams at the town soccer fields.

Scott is excited to have a child in tow to hike area parklands. Our neighborhood’s Halloween traditions remind Karen of the Halloweens she loved as a child. Houses are decorated, kids parade excitedly in their costumes, and one house turns into a kid-friendly haunted house.

Our three-bedroom home is filled with love. We like curling up with a book in our sunny window seat. Family and friends gather in the kitchen and family room for parties and enjoy BBQs on the deck. There is a perfect spot in the backyard for a sandbox to build in and a swing set for your child to enjoy.

Our town has good schools and a sense of community. Summer brings a farmers market, concerts, and kid activities to the town center. We frequently go to nearby Boston for dinner, a Red Sox game, or cultural events. In the summer, our toes are in the sand at Cape Cod beaches. During the fall and winter, we enjoy the change of seasons in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

We are excited to share our home, these experiences and many more with your child!

Our Extended Families
Scott & His Mom

Our families are important to us and they are excited for us adopting a child.

Scott’s parents and brother live nearby and we see them often. His mother and father enjoy retired life playing golf, visiting family, and traveling. His mom likes planning family outings. Scott’s dad is always curious about everyone’s lives. They’re thrilled to be first time grandparents and are planning activities to do with their grandchild. Scott’s younger brother works down the street from him. They meet for lunch and talk on the phone regularly catching up on each other’s lives and talking about Red Sox news.

Girls Day with Karen's Family

Karen’s mother passed away when Karen was 20. We’re close to her mother’s sisters who live nearby. They share gardening advice and love getting together. Karen’s sister has an 11-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. While they live farther away, Karen talks with them a few times a week and we see them many times throughout the year. “Auntie” always knows about school projects, sport activities, and favorite songs. The kids are very excited to have cousins close by as their extended family lives in Japan. Karen’s father lives in Florida and is excited to be a grandfather again.

We’re blessed to have friends who we consider an extension of our family. Like we do for their children, our friends will be additional “aunties, uncles and cousins” and will bring love to your child.

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