Our Extended Families
Christina's Parents

Our families are very similar. Both our parents met and married young. They are still married. We both have one brother. Our siblings are married with kids. That’s where the similarities end.

Jim’s family cooks, a lot. They make different Cajun dishes like jambalaya and etouffee as well as typical American food. They stay in and hang out or play card games. Christina’s family likes to garden and go out. They go to the beach, restaurants and movies. Although, Christina does love a game of Uno!

Jim's Family

Seven years ago we moved out of state for a promotion at work. Moving away from family is tough. The good news is; this move has helped us integrate with our community. We have surrounded ourselves with great neighbors, a big active church and lots of friends. We believe this extended family should be treated like blood.

Our families are pretty large and spread out with cousins all over the US. Social media really helps with keeping in touch. Everyone is so excited to welcome a new family member!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in Missouri, on the edge of suburbia. Within five miles of us are four state parks and a myriad of city parks with a river, lakes, and lots of trails to explore. We’ve a public waterpark about a mile away from the house.

Our house is near the end of a cul-de-sac, where neighborhood children frequently ride scooters and play. About halfway down the street there is a path that leads behind a neighbor’s house to a local elementary school and playground. Our backyard faces the opposite direction and feeds in to a wooded area; we see deer, squirrels, raccoons and other small woodland creatures daily. As remote as this seems we are within 10 minutes of a major city.

City Playground

Our neighbors are friendly and fun. When we moved in we were greeted the next day with a gift basket. Besides basics like food, soda and candy it included a list of our neighbors with their contact information. Our neighborhood feels like a small town; we all know each other. We all get together at least four times a year for scheduled events: chili cook-off, hay ride, summer outdoor movies, and a progressive dinner. There are about 50 houses in the neighborhood. It’s funny but no matter where we are we frequently bump in to someone we know.

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