Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We are both from Kentucky and love living in our hometown. We are blessed to have the best of both worlds — city life and farm life. We live on our family farm but visit our city's picturesque downtown community a lot. We visit a large park on the river where we enjoy picnics and walking our dog. There are also family friendly restaurants, fun shops, and museums nearby. Many of our friends with children live in neighborhoods close to us and love to visit us at the farm.

The Farm

Our house is cozy and sweet. We live right next to a horse barn so we spend a lot of time visiting the horses and taking walks in the woods. Our house is two stories with two bedrooms downstairs and one upstairs. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and living room cooking, listening to music, dancing, reading, and playing games. The porch and view of the farm are what we enjoy the most about our home.

On weekends, we love to have friends with children over to visit the animals on the farm. We also have cookouts where we grill burgers and our family and friends bring side dishes. We enjoy swimming and hiking in the summer and relaxing around a fire in the winter.

Our Extended Families
Visiting Family in D.C.

Spending time with our families is very important to us. We have three sets of grandparents that live nearby. Maggie’s mom and stepdad live in walking distance and we stroll over there to play in their big living room and go swimming. Benton’s mom and dad live on a farm down the road where we fish and enjoying Sunday Suppers. Maggie’s dad and stepmother live in the city and we go there for family gatherings where we make cheeseburgers and hot dogs.

Maggie & Her Dad

Benton has an older brother who lives next door. He comes over for dinner and to play with our son, Miles. Benton has an older sister and brother-in-law with three boys that we love to visit in Washington, D.C. They come and stay with us for a week each summer. Maggie has two older brothers who live in town and are both married to wonderful women. The six of us get together once a month and enjoy evenings out listing to live music or going to a play. Miles has two cousins he plays with a lot. They live nearby and are 10 months old and two years old.

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