Our Extended Families
Rachael and Her Sisters

We are blessed with loving and supportive families. Growing up, it was rare for only our parents and sisters to be at a school event or piano recital. Extended family members were almost always there to support us, too. Children in our family have similar support from their grandparents, aunts and uncles, great-grandparents, and numerous cousins. Our extended families have very diverse interests — animals, medicine, teaching, farming, law, art, music, dance, sports, and more — so it's likely that someone in our family will share a child's interests.

Eric and His Dad

Rachael is the oldest of four girls, and Eric has one younger sister. Our sisters were enormously influential on us when we were young, and we remain extremely close now. We are looking forward to seeing Margaret and her siblings develop their own relationships. Margaret is tremendously excited about becoming a big sister.

We are fortunate to have family in the same metro area, others within a few hours' drive, and some in exciting vacation destinations such as San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest, and the Gulf Coast. Our parents live 15 minutes apart in Kentucky, so we are able to see both families when we visit. When we gather together, we enjoy playing board games and cards, like Uno and Phase 10, working jigsaw puzzles, and hiking. Our family adores Margaret and can't wait to welcome another child.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a lovely 1950s neighborhood just outside of our nation’s capital. Our neighborhood is filled with children walking to school, riding bikes, and playing outside. During the summertime, they gather at the neighborhood pool. We live in one of the best school districts in the country so there are lots of children! Throughout the year, our neighborhood nurtures its youngest residents by hosting family-focused events, supporting their endeavors (shopping at lemonade/vegetable stands, volunteering at school, etc.), and connecting parents. It’s a great place to raise a family.

Our home has four bedrooms and a playroom. There is also an art and craft area where Margaret enjoys creating new masterpieces. It has a tile floor and sink, so paint cleanup is easy! Our home sits on almost half an acre. In the backyard, we have a deck, a good-sized grass lawn, a flat play area (play set coming soon), and a wooded area perfect for exploring. We enjoy spending time outdoors—working in the garden, playing ball with Margaret, and searching for treasures in the “woods.”

We are close to Washington DC’s amazing museums and cultural resources. Several moms from church meet at different museums each week, and Rachael and Margaret enjoy their museum playdates. We also enjoy hiking in the many national and state parks near our home, visiting local orchards to pick in-season fruit, and driving over to the beach for the day. We can’t wait to share these special places with another child.

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