Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

This past July we moved into our brand new home. The best room out of four has already been reserved for baby. It’s got a huge closet, four windows overlooking our yard, and plenty of wall space for all the cute framed nursery art. The other rooms, or loft, can be set up as a playroom. We know for sure that this child will need lots of space for all the toys. Our very supportive friends and family have already begun showering this child with blessings!

The neighborhood has only about 9 other houses, each on 1.5 acre lots. Before we moved into our home we met several of the neighbors at their annual Fourth of July picnic. The neighbors are all very friendly people they include children, grandparents and young couples. We felt very welcomed to the neighborhood!

Our community also holds dozens of kid-friendly activities that would be so much fun to participate in, musical performances, benefit runs, fairs, farmer’s markets and parades for events such as the Fourth of July, Halloween festivities and Christmas celebration activities. Living only seven miles outside of town, we will certainly make a point to join in all of the fun! Our current location has the best of both worlds! Our community is surrounded by beautiful fields, farms with horses and cattle. We will have access to our pick of pumpkin patches and strawberry fields. We can’t wait to enjoy these things with a child!

Our Extended Families
"Aunt Shell" with Her Nieces and Nephews

We both have wonderful relationships with our families! James’ family lives very close on a beautiful piece of property in the country. His sister’s family lives next door to his father, who shares his love of horses with his three grandchildren. James' father is a retired mounted police officer and has six horses. He loves having family and friends over to ride the horses in the foothills of Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The families in their neighborhood are very close-knit group. When we visit, there is always a fun event to participate in with the family — bocce ball, whiffle ball, disk golf, corn hole, Easter egg hunts and more. We enjoy the healthy competitive games!

James at a Christmas Parade with His Sister's Family

We visit Michelle’s family during holidays and vacations because they live out of state. Her nieces and nephews always look forward to their “Aunt Shell” coming for a visit. They enjoy making Christmas crafts, going to the movies, playing with toys and games, going to the zoo and water parks and hiking. Michelle’s father is also retired, which gives him the free time to visit frequently. He can fix just about anything and involves our nephews in his restoration of cars and going to car shows. He loves babies and is excited to becoming a grandfather again. We look forward to a new little one to make trips to play with all the nieces and nephews.

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