Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

After we had searched for the perfect house for months, our realtor took us to a house by accident, but when we walked in, we knew it was our home.

Our house has a big kitchen and an open feel. We love cooking together and have the perfect kitchen for it. The backyard is private, and it has just enough room for a small garden and play area. The boys love helping us decide what to plant in our garden, helping us take care of it, and trying fresh vegetables from it.

We live in an old neighborhood in the center of town with mature trees, many nearby parks, and a blue ribbon school that is within walking distance. The hands-on museum is another favorite place.

Our neighborhood is a great place for an evening walk together, and we often run into other kids playing in their yards or selling lemonade. Once a year, our neighborhood shuts down a street and we all get together to eat, play, and catch up.

The library is only a few minutes away, and they have an amazing children's program that we all look forward to weekly. Our whole community is very family-oriented. We love the opportunities to be on a bike, a hike, or at a swimming hole in just a few minutes.

We have made a lot of happy memories in our home and look forward sharing these special times with a new child.

Our Extended Families
Nelle's Family

Family means everything to us, and we think we have a great one! We live in the town where Nelle grew up, and her parents and siblings still also live here. Nelle's parents have everyone over for dinner every Sunday night. Her mom, "Mom-Mom," is a gourmet cook and loves to have parties, so we celebrate everything from regular holidays to neighbors' birthdays. Nelle's dad, "Pop-Pop," loves taking the kids on nature hikes and teaching them all about nature. He is also "an expert on waffles," as our son said after spending the night at their house.

Chet's Family

Our kids love getting together with their cousins and we love seeing them have such a special relationship. Every summer, we go to the same beach that Nelle has been going to since she was a child, and we get to hang out with extended family and friends who have become family through the years. Our whole family talks about this trip all year long.

Chet's family doesn't live here, but we still see them regularly on Facetime. They also visit for birthdays or long weekends at the lake. Chet's parents, "Nana and Poppy," are involved grandparents who love hearing everything their grandkids are doing. They love spoiling their grandkids and make all the time we have together extra special. They live on one of the country's most beautiful beaches, and we visit there at least once a year.

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