Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a quiet and safe suburban area in Wisconsin. Our neighborhood features scenic beauty, with bike and hiking trails within a few blocks of our home. A typical walk in our neighborhood includes encountering the adorable bunnies and ducks living in our area. We are excited to take a child along on our walks, and your child could also swim in the lakes and rivers in our town. We often notice children playing in their yards or at the three playgrounds in our neighborhood. Our home is a modern two-bedroom townhome built in the last five years. Our favorite room is our living room, where we have plenty of space to host gatherings of family and friends. Kristen is ready to use her creativity to convert our spare room to a nursery.

  Our house is located nearby the activities of our community, and we live near two branches of the local library that is known for enriching children's programs. We are fortunate to live in a town that has multiple universities with opportunities for learning and fun that we can share with a child, such as plays, art shows, sports, and musical events. During winter months, we visit the nearby Wisconsin Dells resort that is "The Waterpark Capital of the World." During our last visit to the waterparks, we rode on a waterslide that looped inside and outside of the building before ending at a pool. We believe our hometown is a great place to raise a child!

Our Extended Families
Kristen's Family

We both have large families that put family first and love to spend quality time together. Our families are very supportive of adoption and overjoyed when we shared our plans to adopt.

Jon's Family

Kristen's family lives in Maryland and Delaware, and her family finds any reason to have a celebration. We regularly visit Kristen's family and participate in these celebrations, and her family is filled with children who enjoy making crafts and playing games together. Kristen's parents live a few miles away from the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. A typical visit to Kristen's family includes a trip to the beach where we collect seashells and play in the sand, eat "boardwalk" french fries, and try to win a stuffed animal at the arcade. Kristen's parents are retired and have time to visit a grandchild and share their love with your child.

Jon's family lives in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We frequently visit Jon's family for weekend and holiday get-togethers, and a typical visit includes sharing stories from our lives or playing card games together. Our favorite tradition is having an annual Easter egg hunt for Jon's niece. Summertime visits are especially fun because Jon's family lives in a scenic rural area known for outdoor activities on the bay. Jon's family is loving and supportive, and we can count on his family to be there for us. Jon's father dotes on Jon's niece and is excited to treasure another grandchild!

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