Our Extended Families
Becky and Her Mom at the Pig Races

Becky’s extended family is smaller than Marcus’, but very close. Becky’s mom and step-dad have retired to a small lake in northern Minnesota where we frequently visit for family gatherings and to go fishing, boating, hiking, and just relaxing. Becky’s Dad is a fourth generation carpenter and Harley rider – holidays are filled with amazing hand crafted wood working gifts for the kids. Her brother, "Uncle DD" is the boys’ favorite person to play with! A big kid himself life is always fun and games when he is around. Becky’s extended family frequently gets together to celebrate the holiday’s or just because.

Marcus' Family

Marcus’ mom loves to cook and spoil all her grandchildren. She is overjoyed at the thought of spoiling another one! Marcus has 2 brothers and 3 nephews. Marcus also has a very close extended family with over 30 cousins ranging from adult to 9 years old. Every 4th of July Marcus’ extended family rents cabins for a week. Marcus’ dad brings his boat and pulls the kids on inner tubes. If the kids want something they know Grandpa is the one to ask, as he has a soft spot for all his grandkids and usually can't say no. Your child will fit right in during these vacations with all of the aunts, uncles cousins and pets!

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a split level home with plenty of room for growth in a quiet Minnesotan neighborhood. With the five parks, schools, and a library all within in walking distance, our wonderful neighborhood offers everything we need. Our parks each provide a unique experience for the kids featuring a variety of jungle gyms, basketball courts, public beaches, and hockey rinks. Our school systems are top rated and provide a variety of activities for the kids as they grow.

The Beautiful Swingset Marcus Built

Our home is nestled among old trees that provide shade in the summer and tons of leaves to jump into every fall. After moving into our home Marcus has worked hard to remodel it for our family. Outside he built a large swing set and garden for the kids to play on and grow vegetables. We also have a small patio and fire pit in the backyard and can’t wait for your child to join us for summer s'mores! Inside we have five bedrooms and a toy-filled family room. This child would sleep in our hand crafted family bassinet, made by Beck’s Great-Great Grandfather before being moved to the Cat in the Hat nursery. One day we hope to buy land within our neighborhood to build a new house where we plan to stay the rest of our lives.

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