Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a very nice family oriented neighborhood. Our street is full in the summer with kids yelling, laughing, and playing. We have a subdivision pool that is quite busy during the summer months, and many of the houses are lit brightly during the Christmas season. One of our many city parks is located right around the block from us. We are just minutes from Busch’s Wildlife where Brian loves to go fishing now and then.

Our best friends live across the street from us. We hang out almost every weekend just to play cards and have a good time.

We live in an average 3 bedroom 2 bath split level home. We have a nice size fenced in backyard perfect for BBQ’s and playing in the snow. We have 1 dog named Jazz and 1 cat named Maggie. Both are wonderful with children and can’t wait to share their home!

Our Extended Families
Kristine's Family

We spend a lot of time with Kristine’s family. Her family is a bit spread out, but are still close enough that we see them a lot. Our oldest nephew and niece like to come to our house as much as they can to spend the weekend. We enjoy taking them places such as Six Flags or camping at the Lake. All of our holiday’s we spend at her parents' house.

With Our Niece

Our favorite holiday game is the Easter golden egg hunt. We attach string to a stick and weave the string in and out of trees and other objects outside. Each kid then picks a stick (not knowing which one is attached to the Golden Egg) and rolls their string around their stick until they get to their egg. It sounds very confusing but Kristine's family has played this game since she and her cousin's were little. We are so happy that our nieces and nephews love to play this game as much as we did.

Brian's family is not as big. His mom and dad are divorced and they live close by us. Brian's dad enjoys coming over to help work on cars or just help us with little projects around our house. And we enjoy taking his mom out to lunch or dinner and spending that quality time with her.

Both of our families combined are very loving and have expressed how happy and excited they are that we are bringing a child into our family!

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