Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We own a spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom colonial on a tree-lined street in a quaint town just a few miles outside of a metropolitan city. We love that there are lots of families with little children that live in our neighborhood as well as our home is within walking distance to various parks, playgrounds and schools. Our home itself has an open floor plan with a spacious living room/kitchen/dining room that looks out to our large backyard, which is surrounded by trees, making it perfect for cookouts and family gatherings filled with wiffleball and kickball games.

Our town is known for its strong school system, ethnic diversity, sports and arts programs, historic homes and numerous walking and bike trails in the hills. Those attributes, as well as the close proximity to both the ocean and the city, have helped the town to recently be named one of the most desirable towns to live in within the United States. Our town is filled with lots of charm and small town values, while allowing accessibility to the city for the fun and the excitement of sporting events, museums, and shows.

We are so blessed to have family and friends that live in our neighborhood, which allows our home to be filled often with the important people in our life. We truly feel that it is the perfect place to raise a family!

Our Extended Families
With Colleen's Family

Family will play an essential role in this child’s future. Because we are very close with our extended family and most live close by, this child will grow up playing with their cousins and regularly seeing aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents at Sunday dinners, cookouts, birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations.

With Jim's Family

We are very close with Colleen’s extended family, which includes her parents, two brothers, two sister-in-laws, a niece and two nephews. Because we all live within 15 minutes of each other, our daughter Kate is able to see her grandparents almost daily and cousins one to two times a week. We have dinner together as a family on Sundays, often attend church together, and frequently run into each other at the local market or doing errands around town.

Jim’s parents live in Orlando, Florida, and we are lucky to visit them a few times a year. While visiting, we always spend time at Disney World having lots of fun with them!

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