Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We had our house built with the intentions of having children. We have three bedroom, 2 ½ bath home. We have a huge back yard, perfect for a swing set. We live in a new up in coming area. Our neighborhood is filled with kids of all ages. Any day you could look out and see kids riding their bikes, or plays on swing sets.

In our community, there are several public or private schools. We want to give this child the best education possible. We also have plenty of parks, walking trails, play grounds and swimming pools, and we even have a few dog parks.

Every year for 4th of July we have a neighborhood block party. They have a bouncy house for the kids, petting zoo, face painting, a ton of food and they even have a DJ to play music. Then at the end of the night, all the families come together to set off fireworks, it’s almost as good as the professional ones.

Halloween is also a fun time in our community as well. All the families sit in their drive ways with bonfires going, while they hand out candy. Once the kids stop trick or treating, we get together for a pot luck, and sit around the fire pit, while the kids play.

Our Extended Families
Leah with Her Cousins

We are very close with our families. All of our families live with 15 minutes of us. They play a huge role in our lives. Our families are so excited about us adopting, they are ready to spoil this little one!

Justin is the oldest of three kids. Both of his sister are in college, so we don’t get to see them as much as we would like. During the holidays we make up for it. One of Justin’s family traditions is that every year they get together to make holiday cookies. That is one tradition we really look forward to sharing with a child!

Justin & His Sister

Leah is the oldest, as well. She also has a sister who is in college. Leah’s family gets together weekly for Sunday dinners. Those dinners usually include her parents, her grandparents and if her sister is home, her as well. It’s a nice way to catch up on the weeks activities.

We both have large extended families. We also see them a lot throughout the year. There are many barbecues in the spring and summer. Every one brings a dish, and depending who is hosting, we play games or have swim parties.

Both of our families are ready for us to have children. This little one will truly be loved and spoiled!

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