Our Extended Families
Aimee's Mom's Baking Blitz

We are blessed to have most of Randy's family within 30 minutes of our home and enjoy spending time with them. We see them often, usually on weekends when we visit Memere (she just turned 90), at family get-togethers (i.e., BBQs, meals out, birthday parties, holiday celebrations) and at church.

We also spend time with Aimee's family when they visit us and when we travel to New York. Many of these trips are based on traditions Aimee grew up with, such as the annual hot air balloon festival (which Aimee began attending with her younger brother when he was a toddler). We enjoy conversation over a meal, playing board games, walking on the beach, and unique family fun such as finding the Christmas pickle.

Memere Turned 90 This Year!

While most of Randy's family is local and Aimee's family is only five hours away, one of Randy's sisters and her husband recently moved to Colorado. We took a vacation to visit them this year. They are enjoying the year-round outside activities available (i.e., hiking in the national parks) and are eager to share them with family. We plan to visit again and look forward to a child being involved.

Both sides of the family are excited about the addition of another child and for us to become parents. This will be the "first" grandchild for Aimee's dad (also called 'Geez') and mom (nickname to be decided) to spend time with.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a newly built home in Maine. It was designed as an open concept with a large kitchen island that allows friends and family to gather.

Our house is in a safe, family-oriented neighborhood — perfect for raising children. There is ample space for kids to play. We see our neighbors’ children get on the bus daily; on weekends we see them out riding bikes; throughout the year taking walks (most often with their dogs) or fundraising (selling Girl Scout cookies or collecting bottles for team sports), and at our annual neighborhood yard sale in the summer.

A Scenic Walking Trail Minutes from Our Home

We are within five minutes of a couple community parks, five or ten minutes from elementary, middle and high schools (which have playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts) as well as a university. We are rural, yet only 20 minutes from Maine's largest city, which holds many cultural and sporting events, a farmer's market and a diverse racial and ethnic population. We are also within 30 minutes to the Atlantic Ocean and many of its beaches.

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