Our House and Neighborhood
Where We Hang Our Hearts

We live in a close-knit, culturally diverse community bursting at the seams with kids of all ages. It’s the kind of place where neighbors have become family, kids play outside until dark and everyone looks out for each other. When we got the call that our son was arriving early, our neighbors jumped in and took care of everything, including our dog. They even welcomed us home with a crib and a huge party. We’re beyond blessed to have that kind of love and support!

There’s always something happening around here, like the annual chili cook-off, 4th of July block party, Christmas parade, Halloween haunted house and numerous cultural events. In the summer, the neighborhood pool with its huge water slide and lazy river is the place to be. Our cozy home is tucked away on a lively street with three bedrooms and a large bonus room that’s our son’s playroom. Our backyard faces a peaceful creek and wooded buffer where Myrtle, our resident turtle lives.

Our growing small town has won many awards for the best and safest place to raise children, along with top-rated schools and hospitals in the area. So whether it’s a day trip to the beach, kayaking in the nearby mountains, camping at the lake, hiking the trails or playing at the countless parks, we live in an amazing place where adventures are waiting to be had. We can just imagine your baby being a part of all of this, too!

Our Extended Families
Christmas Tradition

We both grew up with tight, loving families. Loren was a self-proclaimed mama’s boy! His father (his hero) was one of 16 and Matty’s mom also grew up in a large family, so there’s a whole lot of love to go around.

Lake Life

Our families were over the moon when our son was born and cannot wait for another child to spoil! Family is everything to us so we make sure we get together several times a year. Annual trips with Matty’s family include a beach vacation with her parents, sisters and niece/nephews where we jet-ski, boogie board, build sandcastles and hit the boardwalk. At Christmas, we celebrate together with traditional Hungarian foods, a visit from Santa on the firetruck, and if we’re lucky to have a white one, snowball fights and sled races.

Most of Loren’s family are out west but we see his brothers and childhood buddies often. When we visit, we make a beeline to the beach, cook out with family and friends, catch a baseball game or head to the zoo. Out this way, we mix it up with movies, whiffle ball, Carne Asada, boating on the lake and football games. Everyone is super excited to welcome your baby into our little tribe of love!

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