Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We own a lovely home with plenty of room for our child to have its own room, lots of toys and books, and sleep-overs. The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a bit of yard which will soon have a swingset and a hammock.

Our neighborhood is quiet, safe, and diverse. We are walking distance from schools, parks, restaurants, a movie theater, and the public library. Henry grew up in this very neighborhood, and learned to swim at the local community center. A nearby public park is filled on the weekend with families playing games, having picnics, and watching the sun set over the Mississippi River. The neighborhood ice cream parlor often has a gathering of young people with their parents and dogs at the cafe tables enjoying a cone or a yogurt after school.

We have flexible hours and usually take summers off to travel or chill out. We look forward to sharing all of this with our new little one.

Our Extended Families
Larisa With Her Family

We both grew up with two siblings, with whom we are still close. Henry’s older sister, Lucy, is mother to Ardis and Avery, our beloved nephew and niece who live upstate in Shreveport. Henry’s younger sister, Sarah, is mother to twin boys Houston and William who live nearby. Larisa’s younger brother, Ben, lives in Chicago, and is a jazz drummer and music teacher with no children of his own. Larisa’s sister, Rebecca, lives outside of Orlando with their mom, and has no children of her own. We spend every Christmas together, and most Thanksgivings, dividing our holiday time between the Louisiana and Florida families. We frequently babysit the twins, or take them for a playdate to the park.

With Henry's Family

One of our favorite playdate activities is to take the kiddos to the zoo to feed the giraffes. We also have a great time during Mardi Gras, and we admire Sarah’s commitment to family costuming. The parents dressed like stormy weather, and the little boys were “El Nino.” One liked the cloud outfit more than the other, but that’s twins for you.

Our community has many activities that help make childhood a magical time.

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