My House and Neighborhood
My Home

I love my home and can't wait to open its doors to a child of my own. It's a sunny and comfortable house where I love hosting friends and their children. When they come to visit, they know exactly where to find special nooks that have been stocked with books, toys and snacks just for them!

There is so much happening in my neighborhood. It's a wonderful historic area with lots of walking and biking paths. In the summer I love heading to the farmers market and checking out local art and music festivals. There is a charming playground just around the corner from where I live. There are always children of different ages climbing and sliding on the equipment.

There is a beautiful children's museum just two blocks away from my home. I imagine walking to the museum with my child and spending a morning there before taking a ride on the paddle wheel ferry just across the street.

I can't wait to share my home and neighborhood with my child.

My Extended Family
With My Mom & Dad

My family is a large, warm, and loving one. My mother, two brothers and their wives and children are the core of my family and we remain close despite geographic distance. We keep in touch by phone, video chat, and lots of in-person visits, often to Florida, where my mother lives. We have many of our best times at the beach--relaxing, swimming, reading, taking long walks, cooking and eating big Argentinian meals. We enjoy just being together--chatting on the porch, lounging in big comfy chairs, or a reading in a hammock.

Friends have always been an integral part of my family. As immigrants to the U.S. from Argentina, my parents knew the challenges of settling into a new home and building community. Because of this they were especially welcoming to guests, and our home became a gathering place for friends from all over the world. They taught me how sharing experiences and perspectives, celebrating together, and supporting others in times of need builds the bonds that turn friends into family. This is a tradition I continue in my own home and hope to share with my child.

I have talked with my parents, siblings and their families, and my close friends about my plans for adoption. They are enthusiastic, supportive and eagerly awaiting the new addition to their extended family.

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