Our Extended Families
Lake Vacation with Odessa's Family

Odessa's parents live only four miles from our house. She works part time, so her mother watches our children while she is at work. Her mom absolutely loves all of her grandchildren and would do anything for them. Odessa's father is also home at times, depending on his work schedule, and enjoys spending time playing with our children while Odessa is at work. We often go there on the weekends to spend time with them and eat dinner together. Odessa has one brother and one niece who we enjoy spending time with. The kids love to run around and play together – there is always lots of laughter and joy. We can't wait to hear the laughter with another child as well!

Thanksgiving with Brendan's Family

When visiting Brendan's family there is never a dull moment! His dad and two brothers keep things interesting by making up games to play with the kids or just running all around in and outside of the house. Brendan's parents live about 20 minutes away and like to stay involved in their grandchildren’s lives so we plan visits to their house regularly. The kids enjoy playing with them and their other cousin and usually don't want to leave. Both families are so excited about our adoption plan and can’t wait to welcome another child to the family!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our house is located in the country, but with a short 15 minute drive we can be at the library, playground and water park. We have gone to family events held at the library, including the Easter Egg Hunt, and our children participate in the yearly summer reading club. They love books, and we love to read to them! Every time we go to the library, we allow them to check out a few books. It is always fun to see what they will pick. Their "libraries" grow with each gift-giving holiday and birthday.

There are many small towns close by which usually hold family events as well, including carnivals to go to every year, breakfast with Santa or the Easter bunny, and fireworks to see on the 4th of July. There are parks close by with walking trails as well as play sets for the kids to run around on. There's usually somewhere to stop for ice cream on the way home - Who wouldn't want to do that?!

It's not uncommon to see wildlife when looking out our windows at home. Our children love to stand at the window and point out deer, squirrels, chipmunks, blue jays, and woodpeckers. We have a small play set outside that our kids love to play on. In the fall, we have plenty of leaves that fall in our yard that we love to rake into a big pile and play in. We could be outside for hours, playing and having a great time!

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