Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our home is located in a very family-oriented, suburban neighborhood near a major metropolitan area. Our community has excellent schools, multiple playgrounds, a waterpark, sidewalks, walking trails, wonderful bakeries (that we visit every Saturday) and restaurants all within walking distance of our home. Our neighborhood hosts an annual trick-or-treat night each Halloween that we love to attend as well as a festival in the fall with a chili cook-off, games and bouncey houses for the kids. We are also just five minutes from the zoo, which we go to often throughout the year.

Lake Fun With Cousin Evan

Our house is a historic bungalow. Everyone who comes over always comments on how warm and cozy our home feels the moment they walk in the door. In the summer months we love to be outdoors! We walk to the park with Jase almost every day and love spending warm summer days at our local waterpark. In the winter, we go to the library for tot time, take swim classes and have lots of play dates with our neighborhood friends, but still enjoy bundling up for family walks and playing outside. Wisconsin has a wonderful change of seasons providing vast opportunities for tons of different outdoor activities all year long. We can't wait to introduce another child to all of these wonderful things!

Our Extended Families
Todd's Family

We are both very close to our families. Both of our parents live in our hometown a couple of miles from each other in the homes we grew up in and our siblings, nieces and nephews are all within 15 to 30 minutes from where we live. We spend a lot of time with our families and Jase loves playing with his cousins. Todd's brother and his wife have a cabin a few hours from home where we spend many enjoyable weekends with them and their two girls. Todd's parents enjoy taking family vacations and have taken our family to Disney World on several occasions.

Holly's Family

Holly's family is very close and family get-togethers are filled with laughter, fun and wonderful home-cooked meals. Holly's family also vacations together every summer where we go to the beach, play in the pool and visit the farm where the kids get to feed baby farm animals. Children are extremely important to both of our families and this child will be surrounded by so much love!

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