Our Extended Families
Lynn and Her Sisters

Our extended family is spread throughout the eastern U.S. We are fortunate to have some of Lynn’s family nearby, which allows us to spend time with her sister several times a month. When our youngest son was an infant, Lynn’s sister was incredibly helpful and Jake loves sleepovers at his Auntie’s house. They enjoy making crafts, baking cookies and watching movies. Lynn’s father is also nearby and we like to work on puzzles, sit outside by a pond and have dinner together with him.

Ryan and Jake with Grandma

We take many vacations throughout the year to visit family. We enjoy vacationing at the beach, splashing in the ocean and making sand castles. We also take a trip to New Jersey every summer. Besides seeing family, we explore theme parks and participate in activities such as fruit picking, visiting a pumpkin patch or exploring New York City. Visits to Jeff's family in Tennessee are filled with homemade southern cooking and outdoor trips to the mountains, lakes and rivers.

We have a close network of friends who we regularly spend time with doing fun things such as eating out, cooking together, playing in the park, camping and exercising. We are lucky to have developed strong relationships with friends and rely on each other like family. Our families and friends are very supportive of our adoption plan and look forward to being a part of our child’s life.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

In anticipation of expanding our family, we searched a while before choosing our home in the DC Metropolitan area. We specifically chose our community because of the highly rated schools from grade school through high school. One of the things Lynn likes about this area is its cultural diversity. Jeff likes this area because of its rich American history and the excitement of living near the Nation's capital. We believe this is a perfect place to raise our family. We are fortunate enough to live close to museums, amazing parks, the ocean, and mountains. We love meeting new people, learning about different cultures and eating various ethnic foods.

Our Amazing View of D.C.

Our home is located near a golf course so it is very quiet and peaceful. We enjoy taking walks at dusk on the golf course trying to spot flying bats or sitting in our backyard watching hummingbirds and woodpeckers. We are within walking distance of the local elementary and middle schools so there are many young children living nearby. Jake loves playing in the tree swing in the front of the house and also on the playset in the backyard and would love to have a sibling who can play with him.

Since we are relatively new homeowners, Lynn is still learning about gardening and hopes to have a fruit, vegetable and butterfly garden in the near future.

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