Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a suburb between two large cities. We chose this city for the schools and feel of a small town. Our neighborhood is great for active families. We have a lake we can fish in and two ducks that walk up the hill to our home everyday in the Spring for food. We moved here because there are many young children for our kids to play with. We have a pool and during the summer Shea and other moms are here to welcome the neighborhood kids for burgers and swimming. The elementary, middle school and high schools are within two miles of our home.

A typical Saturday would be kids on our court playing dodgeball or riding bikes, families fishing or eating by the lake, and couples walking the pretty hills for exercise. We walk our rescue dogs, Steve and Fergie, almost everyday. They know everyone (mainly because people love their funny names!)

We have a media room on second floor perfect for family movie night. We also have a large game room on third level with a ping pong table. This is where Jason and the kids play monopoly, Jason and Carter draw and Shea does crafts. We have four bedrooms, four living areas and five bathrooms.

Our Extended Families
Disney with Family

We are blessed to have all family members within 40 minutes of each other. Your child would be welcomed by two grandmas-DeeDee and Gamma, two granddads-Papoo and Bubba, two aunts and uncles, and many cousins!

Birthdays are a big deal for us! Shea makes the cakes. The Dads dress up, so we have seen them as Mario and Luigi, Indiana Jones, and many other characters to entertain the kiddos.

We are lucky to have a family lakehouse nearby. We go for Thanksgiving and the July 4th. Shea is also able to take the kids for several weeks during summer with her sisters, niece and nephews.

Shea was raised very close to her cousins which includes adopted cousins. Her family knows the love and special experience that results from this great gift. Jason is an only child and very close to his parents. They were so thrilled to welcome another baby. They live about three minutes away and are already getting ready for visits from a new grandbaby!

At a sporting event last night, our boys had more people in the stands than any other child on the field. We love our big family. Whether we are at our son’s games, my niece’s dance recital or fishing together, we love to support each other and raise our kids together.

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