Our Extended Families
Family Birthday Party

Family time is so important to us. Andy’s immediate family live minutes away from our home, and Tina’s mother is just a short road trip away, so we have lots of weekend gatherings for cookouts, birthday parties, holiday get togethers, or just to say hello. Our son, Matthew is fortunate to spend lots of time with his grandparents and benefit from the real world lessons they teach him.

Tina has two younger brothers who live in California with their respective wives and children. We get together with them as often as we can and go on vacations together. Vacations have included a cruise, a ski trip (including skiing, snow tubing, and sledding), a trip to Italy, trips to Disney and stay-cations. Andy is an only child but spent lots of time with his cousins while growing up so they are like brothers and sisters to him. We stay in contact with everyone and enjoy frequent video chats. Matthew is always excited to see his cousins and talk with them about what they’ve been doing lately.


A family tradition we have is a Christmas Decoration Tour. After Thanksgiving, we visit each other’s home and decorate together as a family. We also make homemade cookies and drive around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights.

Both of our families have been very supportive of our decision to bring another child into our lives, and everyone is looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family!

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a very family friendly, beautiful, safe neighborhood. They have several annual family events - like an Easter egg hunt and a Halloween party with three-legged races, sack races and other games followed by trick or treating. There are lots of kids in the neighborhood to play with and the get togethers are fun for kids and grown-ups.

The neighborhood is beautiful with lots of walking paths lined with trees, cul-de-sacs and a golf course.

We have a one-story house with a heated pool and pool fence in our screened lanai. We love to have our family and friends over for pool parties and barbecues and our son, Matthew loves to invite his friends over to play and to swim.

We spend most of our family time in our great room since it has an open floor plan for the kitchen, dining room and family room. It’s spacious and has lots of natural light from windows and doors and it looks out onto our pool deck and the small lake behind us. Our house has 4 bedrooms and a study, so Matthew has his own room and we have an extra bedroom for another child someday, plus a game room/guest room.

There are lots of parks and playgrounds a short distance from us and Matthew is at a wonderful school which is just 10 minutes from home. We have annual passes to Disney World, a water park, a children's museum and aquarium.

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