Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home in the Winter

We live in the area known as land of 10,000 lakes. Our city is always ranked high as a great place to raise a family and as one of the healthiest places in the nation. We love our community and can't wait to raise a family here.

Minnesota is family focused. Our local community offers paddleboat rides, summertime water-themed events, parades, one of the nations largest state fairs, a great amusement park, a world-renowned science museum, thousands of family restaurants and activities for both winter and summer.

In summer there’s boating, fishing, hiking, cycling, camping, canoeing and many outdoor adventures within 20 minutes of our house. There are farmer’s markets and professional baseball, football, basketball and soccer.

We have several major performing arts theaters and dozens of local theater, which include dinner theater and children’s theater. Our city has a great children’s museum. We also have two zoos.

In the winter we like to go skiing, snow tubing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sledding and many outdoor activities. Winter is also a great time to see movies, go to museums, and watch indoor sports. Our schools are ranked high in the nation. We also have a diverse population with every ethnic group and race well represented. We have several multi-cultural events which feature food, dance, games and items from around the world.

Our Extended Families
Steve's Family

Steve grew up in Wisconsin. His parents still live there. His family is looking forward to meeting our newest family member - Steve’s dad wants to take the child hunting and fishing. His mom wants to bake Christmas cookies and teach the child about art and music. Steve’s sister, Stu, lives in Washington, D.C., and is really excited about being an aunt. She has promised to bring old toys and games out of storage. Steve’s brother, Mike, and his wife, Ann, live only 15 minutes from us. Together, we all love to celebrate internationally-themed Christmas and milestone anniversaries and birthdays, travel together, play board games, and go camping, swimming, fishing, etc.

Beatriz & Her Sister

Beatriz is from Puerto Rico. We are very close to Beatriz’s sister, Kelly. We recently visited Puerto Rico, where the three of us explored caves, toured museums and drove to the ocean. Beatriz’s parents live near a rainforest. They grow bananas, coffee, papayas and mangos. Beatriz’s family can’t wait to have a new child in the family. They are bilingual and will help the child learn Spanish, too.

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