Our House and Neighborhood
Our Neighborhood Playground - We Can't Wait to Bring a Little One Here!

We moved to Georgia a few years ago to live closer to family. We live downtown in a city, in a very safe and walkable neighborhood. There is so much to do where we live! It's a family-friendly place with lots of activities for kids. There are many festivals, parades, museums, and farmers markets to explore. We also like to go on walks to get pizza or ice cream, and visit the playground or skate park. We look forward to taking our child to the splash pad and joining in the fun!

We live in a new apartment building, across the street from a coffee shop and near delicious restaurants. Our apartment is spacious with an open living room and kitchen, which makes it a fun place to hang out with friends and family. There's lots of light and big windows, and plenty of room for visiting guests to stay and for kids to play. We're very excited to be buying a house in our neighborhood in the next year!

When we chose our neighborhood we knew it would be a wonderful place to raise a family. It's very culturally diverse and there are many interracial couples and mixed race families in our community, and people from all backgrounds. We're excited to have a child grow up in such a fun and unique place!

Our Extended Families
Snowboarding With Jonathan's Family

We are very close to both our families! They are lively and fun, and we love to spend time together. We visit them often and can't wait to bring a little one with us!

Jonathan is from Philadelphia and his family now lives in Tennessee, Georgia, and California. We love to play games and spend time outdoors, like ski trips or renting a cabin in the mountains. Jonathan's family members are dog lovers, so there's always a pooch running around! Time spent with this side of the family is often loud with lots of laughter.

NYC With Hayli's Parents

Hayli is from Texas and grew up in the Middle East. Her family lives in Texas and loves to travel! We love to play games together and explore new cities and restaurants. Our nephew is the life of the party. He loves action figures and cartoons, and can't wait to have a little cousin. Hayli's family treasures time spent on porches, with coffee and good conversation.

Our families are so excited for us to adopt a child! They look forward to being aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We know our child will be deeply loved (and spoiled!) by all of them.

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