Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a mid-sized suburb of a large city in Tennessee. When we relocated to this area just over three years ago, we weren’t sure where to live, and wound up picking our home based on the fact that it had a huge yard - great for playing! A big yard is important to both of us - having a fenced in area for our children and pets to play and enjoy the outdoors was an important part of the life we envisioned for our family.

Our home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and is two stories. The upstairs of our home has a bonus room, a guest room, and a bathroom. The downstairs is where most of the “living” happens - our family room is open to our kitchen and that area is truly the heart of our home. The master and children’s bedrooms are all on the first floor.

Our home is exactly that - a home. It is cozy and comfortable, generally with some toys strewn about and always decorated for the given season. It is so important to us that our friends and family feel comfortable in our house, and truly, there is no place we’d rather be!

Our town is made up primarily of families with school-aged children. The entire community is focused on family and events - parades, little league, festivals, rec center activities - we couldn’t ask for a better place to raise our family. It is safe, clean and friendly.

Our Extended Families
Blessed to Have a Big Family

We are both fortunate to say that we grew up in very family-centered homes, and we do our best to emulate that same home environment as adults raising our own family. Chris has an older brother and Courtney has an older brother and an older sister. Combined, we have five nieces and three nephews. Our son is the youngest and he gets LOTS of attention - he adores his big cousins! Our families have both been supportive out of the gate regarding our plans to adopt. Though we didn’t expect them to have concerns, I’m not sure we knew they would all react so enthusiastically! Like us, they are so excited to meet the next member of our family and for Dylan to be a big brother. When Courtney’s dad found out they were pregnant with their son (his fifth grandchild), he beamed and exclaimed “That’s five! And I ordered six! We’re almost there!" We’ll be so glad when we complete his order!

Though we are certain that our parents would have accepted any decisions we made about expanding our family, they are thrilled we have chosen adoption and have enjoyed learning about the process as we’ve moved through it. We are extremely fortunate to have such truly supportive families.

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