Our Extended Families
Brooke's Family

Your child would be joining a family that includes loving grandmas, grandpas, nanas, papas, aunts, uncles and cousins. We enjoy spending time together watching our nephews or son play baseball, soccer, or football, and having fun at various school functions. When the family gets together on weekends we like to play games, swim in the pool, play bocce ball or badminton, karaoke, dance, and EAT! Lance and his brothers are fantastic cooks, so there are always lots of yummy foods around, especially Lance's famous stuffed jalapenos!

Lance's Family

We look forward to taking family vacations with our immediate and extended families. Last year a few places we traveled to included Maui, the Canadian Rockies, New Orleans and Snowbird, Utah! Some of our families’ favorite holidays include Easter, with egg hunts, church, and brunch; 4th of July, which we celebrate with a block party, kids carnival games and fireworks; and Thanksgiving with a dinner hosted by us surrounded by family and friends. Our absolute favorite holiday though is Christmas. Putting out our holiday decorations, including a tree in our son's room, baking cookies and bread for our friends and family, driving around looking at Christmas lights, and fun family celebrations. We feel very lucky to live near so many members of both sides of the family, all of whom are excited to have an addition to the crew and are there to support us through this process.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a single story home, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s warm and welcoming decorated with traditional pieces and we love decorating for the different holidays. Our favorite room is the family room where we spend time together watching our favorite shows, having movie nights, playing cards and board games, or just sitting around talking about our day. We love to spend time outdoors working in the yard, planting vegetables and maintaining a garden with our son, visiting with our neighbors or playing with our dog, George. We have a gated pool that we enjoy all summer long and in the evening we love sitting around our fire pit.

Our home is in a wonderful, mature, and safe neighborhood! There is little traffic and our son's evenings are spent outside until the street lights come on, playing with friends and enjoying after dinner ice-cream. We like to host dinner parties, have the neighborhood kids over to play board games or help make baked goodies for a special treat. Barbecues, swim parties, water balloon fights, and baseball and basketball games are common. Our neighborhood is in a great school district with fantastic teachers. We have many parks in our community, some with water features for the kids to play in during the summer. There is also a nearby kid’s gym, bike and hiking trails, trampoline park, and farmers markets to keep us busy,! We love enjoying our community’s sports teams, concerts in the park, art exhibits and museums. We can’t wait to share these activities with another child!

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