Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We love our home in Colorado, and hope never to move again. We’ve found an amazing neighborhood just a minute outside the city where Jay works, but with a very rural feel: the lots are large (we have more than 2 acres) and many of our neighbors keep horses or livestock--goats, yaks, and llamas! Our children love to walk down the street to visit the goats. Our spacious home backs to a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains, and many hiking and biking trails run along the edges of the neighborhood. In addition to the mountains, we have a “beach” within walking distance--a local reservoir lake with swimmable beaches, water sports, and jogging trails.

Our home is larger than we really need, but we love to use the extra space to entertain: we host large theme parties, open our doors to all comers at Thanksgiving, and love hosting board game nights in our basement. The basement also features a giant children’s play room with a puppet theatre and a closet full of dress-up clothes. One of our family traditions--and a thing that makes this home special to us--is that we plant a young tree for each of our children in the first spring after their birth. Caitlyn’s weeping willow and Wesley’s linden tree are the most precious landmarks on our property, and we look forward to watching these trees grow up as our children do.

Our Extended Families
Caitlyn with Grammy & Grampy

Tiffany is an only child, but her mom (“Grammy”) lives nearby and visits often. Both of our kids love having Grammy and Grampy watch them while we have date nights out. Grammy will be retiring later this year so she can spend more time with our kids and her schnauzers. We try to always spend Christmas morning at home, and Grammy and Grampy come up for Christmas lunch (Jay roasts a goose--a Christmas tradition!) and spend the afternoon with us.

All Smiles with Family

Jay has two siblings, and our kids love their aunts and uncles and their two cousins. Although we live quite far apart, we have close relationships with all of them, and make it a point to get together every year or two. We’ve met up at Uncle Grant’s place in Kansas City, in the Caribbean, at Disney in Florida, and are planning a group trip to Hawaii in the next few years. Jay’s mom, Grandma Carolyn, also visits at least once a year, and loves to knit sweaters and blankets for the kids.

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