Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in a great neighborhood in Washington, D.C. with wonderful neighbors and great parks and good schools. There are diverse families with children of all ages on our street, and many have adopted children. We are close to playgrounds, tennis courts, museums and monuments, and there are a lot of fun restaurants and shops within walking distance. We live three blocks from a farmer’s market with local vendors and artists. There is a community pool four blocks from our home, and a community art center just around the corner. We are also close to the baseball stadium and basketball arena.

Our house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and dining space and a great kitchen where we spend a lot of time cooking and getting together with our friends. We have a beautiful enclosed side yard with a small garden and patio space, which is safe for kids. There are lots of trees and historic homes in our community. We live less than a block from a park with a playground for young children. We live less than five minutes from the ballpark and grocery stores. We live near the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, where we can kayak or run or picnic. Our neighborhood is very safe. There is a police station and fire station less than two blocks away.

Our Extended Families
Kevin & His Niece

We have a really loving and welcoming family. Kevin’s parents live less than an hour from us, and his sister and her family (husband and two kids) are also nearby. Much of Brenda’s family still lives on the west coast. Her mom and youngest brother Brian are in the Portland area, her brother Tony and his family (wife and two boys) are in the San Francisco area, and her older brother Brent and his family (wife and two girls) are in New York.

Brenda's Family

Our family is unique because we are diverse and celebrate a lot of different cultures and traditions. Kevin’s family is Jewish. Brenda’s family is Asian. Her brother is married to a first generation Mexican American. We find ways to incorporate and value all of our family traditions.

Holidays and food are important to us, and we do our best to spend time together. Our families are really active and we have fun together. We love spending time in the outdoors and cooking and eating together. Our family and friends are supportive of our plan to adopt and are looking forward to adding to our family.

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