Our House and Neighborhood
The House We Call Home

We have a bright, cozy 4-bedroom split-level home with a unique open layout and large windows allowing in lots of natural light. Our backyard is fenced in with plenty of open space to run and play and enjoy time outside as a family.

We live in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Minnesota, on a hillside overlooking a beautiful park and lake. The park provides walking and biking trails, wooded areas, a pond and a nature center giving us access to many kinds of wildlife. There are two new playgrounds on either side of the lake, and an amphitheater where we enjoy concerts, plays, and other activities.

In our neighborhood you can frequently see children playing in their yards and riding bikes. One of our neighbors hosts backyard family movie nights in the summer and the children delight in an outdoor movie experience. On the fourth of July there is a big celebration in the park with family-friendly activities and musical entertainment. That evening many of the families gather in a neighbor’s yard, where the children play and everyone watches the fireworks display over the lake. On Halloween another family has a bonfire and hot apple cider waiting for neighborhood families after trick or treating.

Living in a peaceful community just outside of the twin cities, we feel we have the best of both worlds, close to state parks, nature centers, zoos, and lakes. Easy city access adds many wonderful libraries, city parks, children’s theaters, science and art museums, sporting venues, restaurants, and ethnic festivals that offer many diverse cultural experiences. Education has always been an important focus for us and our home is located just a mile from a top-rated K-8 school and high school.

Our Extended Families
Crafting With Grandma

Our extended family has always been extremely important to us. We grew up in the same hometown in Wisconsin, so we are able to spend quality time with both sides of the family whenever we visit. Our daughter Quinn looks forward to spending time with her grandparents, aunts and uncles and enjoys playing with her cousins, as well as making family trips to the zoo, swimming pool, children’s museum, and local petting farm.

Reading With Uncle John

Eileen’s brother-in-law plays a significant role in our lives. He lives just 10 minutes from us and we spend time with him regularly. He joins us for every holiday celebration as well as backyard cookouts, family hikes, and our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch. Whether they are kicking a soccer ball around the yard, drawing pictures, or telling stories, Quinn’s uncle John is one of her favorite people.

Recently we have started to take a spring vacation in Florida, where Eileen’s parents spend the winter/spring months. We enjoy beach and pool time with Eileen’s mom and dad and Quinn adores their undivided attention and her special time with grandma and “bumpa.” She loves building sandcastles, finding seashells, and jumping in the waves with bumpa, swimming in the pool, and eating lunch on the condo balcony with grandma as they search for manatees and dolphins playing in the Indian River below.

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