Our Extended Families
Jessica's Family

We are both lucky enough to have extended families that play a huge role in our lives. Bob has his parents, his two sisters and their husbands, and two nephews that all live within 15 minutes of our house. Bob's family constantly gets together for holidays and other occasions. His family has been going to Ocean City, NJ for an annual vacation since the year Bob was born and we cannot wait to share this experience with our child.

Bob's Family

Jessica has her parents and her sister and brother in law. Jessica's parents actually live on our street and her sister and husband are a 5 minute walk away, which means there will be no shortage of babysitters. Jessica's family gets together every Friday night for pizza and every Sunday for a traditional Italian Sunday Dinner. We were the Best Man and Maid of Honor in her sister's wedding and we reversed roles in our wedding. We also regularly vacation with Jessica's family in Ocean City, Maryland and Myrtle Beach, SC.

What makes our situation unique is that our families are also close to each other. Both sides of the family are regularly all together for holidays, summer barbeques and special occasions. It means a lot to us that we do not have to often pick and choose who we spend time with.

Both of our extended families could not be more supportive of our decision to adopt. They are extremely excited and have been with us every step of our journey so far.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our home is in a family friendly area of Pennsylvania. While we live within the city limits, it has much more of a suburban feel. We live in a townhome with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a finished basement, a deck and a fenced in yard. We bought the home about 9 years ago and renovated the entire house. Our favorite room in our home is the living room. We spend a lot of time there watching our favorite TV shows and entertaining family and friends. We have a playground within a 5 minute walk of our house. It has tennis and basketball courts, baseball fields, a swimming pool and all of your favorite slides and swing sets.

Neighborhood Park

We are lucky to have great neighbors. Jessica's parents live on our street as well as some of our closest friends. Our best friends, Erin and George, live directly across the street from us. They recently had a baby boy so our child will already have a best friend in the making. On top of that, we have several families on our street with babies and young children. There will never be a shortage of friends and activities.

Every year our street closes down for one day in September and we host a block party. There are water slides, numerous games, prizes and a DJ. All the kids grab their bikes and sporting goods and have a great time.

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